Winemaker DonDon Van Staaveren

Head Winemaker

We are very fortunate that Don agreed to take on Silverpoint Cellars as a private client in 2008, the year we launched our winemaking business.  He is probably best known for his famed Cinq Cepages red wine blends for Chateau St. Jean.  Indeed,  his 1996 vintage Cinq Cepages was named by Wine Spectator as the “No. 1 Wine in the World” in 1999.  More recently, Don’s work with Chardonnay was recognized by Wine Spectator as one of California’s top “30 producers who set the standard for quality.”  See Don’s picture on page 50 of the July 31, 2012 issue of Wine Spectator.  Congratulations, Don!

“a patient style of winemaking”

Don prefers a patient style of winemaking with minimal intervention that allows the grapes to display their natural varietal flavors and the characteristics of their vineyard origins.   He shares our vision to produce small quantities of meticulously made wines.