Barry and Rosemary both started their careers as lawyers and then evolved along new, less predictable paths. Rosemary returned to school for her Masters of Fine Arts degree (M.F.A.) and devoted her efforts to her career as a professional artist and painter. Her work, primarily oil on paper, has been shown exclusively at the Blue Mountain Gallery in New York City.  More recently, she has focused on highly precise and technical drawing.  She was recently awarded a Certificate in Botanical Art at Filoli in Woodside, California.

“small quantities of meticulously made wine”

As Rosemary moved towards painting, Barry migrated towards a business career with the American Express Company. During a period of over twenty years, he held a diverse series of senior executive positions with American Express in New York, Miami, Buenos Aires, Ft. Lauderdale and Minneapolis.

They have three grown children and now live in Napa with their two dogs.